Recursos en el Condado de Stanislaus

American Cancer Society
Resource Directory on Stanislaus County Programs.
209 558-7400


Alzheimer’s Support Group. Agency Emanuel Medical Center Support group for family members and caregivers of alzheimer’s patients.


Better Breathers Clubs. Agency: American Lung Association of the Valley Lode Offers patient-centered and community-based educational oportuities and support to persons with asthma.
Pulmonary Independence Program. Agency: Memorial Medical Center. Provides comprehensive outpatient care and support to persons with chronic lung disease.
Stanislaus County Asthma Coalition’s
Mission is to create an asthma-friendly community by promotoing awareness, education, management and prevention.


Central Valley Cancer Peer Navigator Program group provides special support on a one-to-one basis.
American Cancer Society Offers cancer information and guidance to cancer patients, family and caregivers of cancer patients.
Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Support Group.
Newly diagnosed Breast Cancer Group empowers our patients and their families to fight breast cancer.
The Chemo Crew Cancer
Offers hope and help to cancer patients and their families.
Cancer Support Group
Group meets every Thursday from 4 to 5:30 pm in the conference center at Doctor’s to offer support for people with cancer diagnosis.
Cancer Support Group
Support group meets every month 1-2 pm.
209-664-5044 ext. 5044

Childhood Obesity

Kids Off the Couch Project
Stanislaus Multi-Cultural Community Helath Coalition – Pilot project is designed for the prevention of Childhood Obesity.
West Side Health Care Task Force
West Side Health Care Task Force: Promotes healthy life style choices, activities, informaiton sharing and opportunities with the citizens of the west side of Stanislaus and Merced Counties (includes the towns of: Westley, Grayson, Patterson, Crowslanding, Newman and Gustine).
(209) 525-4470


Diabetes Class by Oak Valley Hospital District
Provides diabetes education and counseling by certified diabetic educators at HAS ambulatory clinics.
Diabetes Classes at Oak Valley Hospital
Diabetes educator at Oak Valley Hospital offers classes.
Health Education Center at Sutter Gould Medical Foundation
Provides education and counseling to help individuals manage their diabetes.
Diabetes Treatment Program at Memborial Medical Center.
Health education classes are taught by certified diabetes educators.
Diabetes Treatment Program at Memborial Medical Center.
For individuals diagnosed with diabetes and any loved ones who may want to attend.
209-847-5121 ext. 10

Hearth Disease

Habits of Health
Helps you lose wight and get healthy. For families struggling with Weight, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cholesteraol, Sleep Apnea, Acid Reflux or Lack of Energy.
Cardiac Independence Program at Memorial Medical Center
Provides comprehensive outpatient care and support to patients with heart disease.


Volunteer Support Services by Cstroke Resources, Inc.
A self-help group.
Volunteer Support Services by Community Impact Central Valleyr
The volunteer program provides invaluable emotional and practical support service to individuals affected by stroke.

Posted on October 29th, 2014 and last modified on September 1st, 2022.